5 Takeaways from the Houston Marathon/Half Marathon

The Houston Marathon and Half Marathon went off on Sunday. Both races sported excellent fields as you can read in my preview. Being not cold and not snowy in Houston, Canadian athletes were there in force.

Image result for houston marathon canadaResults:

Men’s Marathon

1. Korir, Albert (KEN) 02:10:02
2. Atnafu, Yitayal (ETH) 02:10:08
3. Kimutai, Justus (KEN) 02:10:25

13. Woodfine, Tristan (CAN) 02:15:19

Women’s Marathon
1. Degefa, Biruktayit (ETH) 02:23:28
2. Fikadu, Belaynesh (ETH) 02:26:41
3. Belete, Meseret (ETH) 02:26:56
7. Elmore, Malindi (CAN) 02:32:10
8. Gollish, Sasha (CAN) 02:32:54
17. Bazeley, Kate (CAN) 02:39:55
DNF Kara Goucher
Men’s Half Marathon
1. Kitata, Shura (ETH) 01:00:11
2. Yimer, Jemal (ETH) 01:00:14
3. Muchiri, Bedan Karoki (KEN) 01:00:18
13. Esselink, Evan (CAN) 01:02:13
Women’s Half Marathon
1. Kosgei, Brigid (KEN) 01:05:50
2. Chemutai, Fancy (KEN) 01:06:48
3. Aga, Ruti (ETH) 01:06:56
10. Wodak, Natasha (CAN) 01:10:33
16. Pidhoresky, Dayna (CAN) 01:12:59
18. Mildren, Robyn (CAN) 01:13:16
24. Tessier, Lyndsay (CAN) 01:13:54
30. Sumner, Claire (CAN) 01:14:45

You can check out the full results here.

Malindi Elmore is back.

The 2004 Olympian in the 1500 made her debut at marathon distance this past weekend in Houston. Elmore had a great race, sporting fairly even splits throughout the race.

Split Time Of Day Time Diff min/mile miles/h
5K 07:19:01AM 00:17:55 17:55 05:46 10.41
10K 07:36:51AM 00:35:45 17:50 05:45 10.46
15K 07:54:42AM 00:53:36 17:51 05:45 10.45
HALF 08:17:02AM 01:15:56 22:20 05:54 10.18
25K 08:31:40AM 01:30:34 14:39 06:03 9.94
30K 08:49:26AM 01:48:20 17:46 05:43 10.50
35K 09:07:54AM 02:06:48 18:29 05:57 10.09
40K 09:25:45AM 02:24:39 17:51 05:45 10.45
Finish Mat 09:33:16AM 02:32:10 07:32 05:31 10.89

What this means for Elmore’s future is uncertain. As you might know, she is a triathlete, and the multi-sport events may draw her back. At the same time, Elmore’s strength in the multi-distance events may just provide her the strength to do an even faster marathon. It will be interesting to see if Elmore runs another elite marathon this year, and I am sure the folks at STWM are recruiting her right now.

More competition for those three Olympic spots.

In addition to Elmore, Sasha Gollish also made her marathon debut at Houston. This wasn’t Gollish’s first time toeing the line (as she DNF’d in Berlin with an injury), but it was her first marathon finish. Gollish was only slightly behind Elmore, who passed her in the late stages of the race, but from her social media reaction was happy with her race.

View this post on Instagram

👅 📷: @lilgirlgetsfit

A post shared by dr sasha gollish (@sgollishruns) on

Gollish’s splits were like so:

Split Time Of Day Time Diff min/mile miles/h
5K 07:18:59AM 00:17:58 17:58 05:47 10.38
10K 07:36:47AM 00:35:46 17:49 05:44 10.47
15K 07:54:41AM 00:53:39 17:54 05:46 10.42
HALF 08:16:43AM 01:15:42 22:03 05:50 10.31
25K 08:31:04AM 01:30:03 14:21 05:55 10.15
30K 08:48:40AM 01:47:38 17:36 05:40 10.60
35K 09:07:24AM 02:06:23 18:45 06:02 9.95
40K 09:25:57AM 02:24:56 18:33 05:59 10.05
Finish Mat 09:33:56AM 02:32:54 07:59 05:51 10.27

Gollish and Elmore are intriguing additions to what was already going to be an interesting race for the spots on the Canadian Olympic Team for the marathon distance. You should consider adding their names to this list:Marchant, Duchene, Middleton, Cliff, Sexton, Tessier, Pidhoresky. Should be a great 2019.

Wodak/Esselink ready for Aarhus 2019

They both set personal bests in the half marathon. They both finished top 3 at ACXC. And they are both headed to Denmark for the World Cross Country Championships in Denmark. Natasha Wodak and Evan Esselink both raced astonishing races on the weekend.

Wodak (who finished 10th) went within 30 seconds of Cliff’s Canadian record and seems to be ecstatic with her PB. Wodak splits are just below:

Split Time Of Day Time Diff min/mile miles/h
5K 07:17:49AM 00:16:47 16:47 05:25 11.11
10K 07:34:24AM 00:33:22 16:36 05:21 11.24
15K 07:51:05AM 00:50:04 16:42 05:23 11.17
20K 08:08:02AM 01:07:01 16:57 05:28 11.00
Finish Mat 08:11:35AM 01:10:33 03:33 05:12 11.54

If this was indeed a building race for Wodak, expect a strong performance in Denmark, especially since World’s on the track will not happen until the fall.

Evan Esselink smashed his PB, taking around four minutes of his PB. According to the Canadian Running Magazine, Esselink was ready for this breakout and his workouts were showing as such. You can check out his training here. Splits below:

Split Time Of Day Time Diff min/mile miles/h
5K 07:15:54AM 00:14:49 14:49 04:47 12.59
10K 07:30:31AM 00:29:26 14:37 04:43 12.76
15K 07:45:12AM 00:44:08 14:42 04:44 12.69
20K 08:00:07AM 00:59:03 14:55 04:48 12.50
Finish Mat 08:03:18AM 01:02:13 03:11 04:40 12.89

This also spells good times for Esselink at World XC. Will be interesting to see the Canadian team score.

Woodfine flying under the radar.

The performance which has been least discussed (and I even missed him in my race preview) is Tristain Woodfine. Woodfine smashed his PB of 2:18:55 from Ottawa, running 2:15:16, putting him square in the competition to run at the World Championships for Canada in the Marathon. Of course, many of our marathoners (Woodfine included) will probably pass on this Championships as Doha is going be a very warm championship.

Woodfine flies under the radar all the time unfortunately. Not only has the media attention missed on his Houston performance, but he also finished a stellar 2nd at the Boxing Day 10 Miler to little fanfare. In retrospect, that was a great indicator of his fitness for this race.

It is important to note that this would have been the second fastest time by a Canadian male in 2018.

His splits for the race were:

Split Time Of Day Time Diff min/mile miles/h
5K 07:17:00AM 00:15:59 15:59 05:09 11.67
10K 07:32:55AM 00:31:54 15:55 05:08 11.72
15K 07:48:48AM 00:47:47 15:54 05:07 11.73
HALF 08:08:13AM 01:07:12 19:25 05:08 11.71
25K 08:20:53AM 01:19:51 12:40 05:14 11.49
30K 08:36:19AM 01:35:18 15:27 04:59 12.08
35K 08:52:31AM 01:51:30 16:12 05:13 11.51
40K 09:09:01AM 02:08:00 16:31 05:19 11.29
Finish Mat 09:16:20AM 02:15:19 07:19 05:22 11.21

Tough times for Hofbauer

Trevor Hofbauer struggled. It is fair to say this wasn’t his best race. Although Hofbauer won some 10ks in 2018, his last massive achievement was in 2017 where he was the Canadian Marathon Champion.

It isn’t poor training which has led Hofbauer here, but also bad luck. The Calgary Winter isn’t conducive to running super fast times, but his actual goal race was cancelled due to the California forest fires.

You can check out the Hof’s splits below:

Split Time Of Day Time Diff min/mile miles/h
5K 07:16:40AM 00:15:34 15:34 05:01 11.98
10K 07:32:57AM 00:31:51 16:18 05:15 11.45
15K 07:49:53AM 00:48:47 16:56 05:27 11.01
20K 08:07:23AM 01:06:17 17:31 05:38 10.65
Finish Mat 08:11:12AM 01:10:06 03:49 05:36 10.72

Thanks for reading! Disagree with me? Say so in the comments!

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