ACXC 2018 Predictions

Although I am running the community race at ACXC, slated to start for 9AM ET in Kingston, there will be others there looking for the crown and trip to the World Champs in Copenhagen 2019. Don’t worry, I will be sticking around to watch the drama unfold!

The women’s field is pretty strong, missing but couple big names (Cliff and Duchene). The Men’s field is missing a lot of big names including Justyn Knight, Mohammed Ahmed, Cam Levins, and Matt Hughes.

Here are my picks:

Women’s Race

Dark horse: Rachel Hannah (flying under the radar this year after injuries last year and early this year. 4th Canadian at STWM)

3. Victoria Coates (short stride is perfect for XC and has had great past showings)

2. Genevieve Lalonde (Steeplechaser and tough, look for her to use her speed)

1. Sasha Gollish (reemerged in USports XC last year to win the crown. Top Canadian at the World Half this year, great speed and tough competitor.

Men’s Race

Dark Horse: Ben Preisner (isn’t a popular pick but a solid runner out of Tulsa University. Should give the top 10 a run for their money.)

3. Rory Linkletter – NCAA standout, we shall see how he goes against the elite field

2. Lucas Bruchet – Defending Champ. If the mud becomes a factor look for Bruchet to go out hard.

1. Ben Flanagan – A track guy but watch out. He has had a smashing 2018 and is now training with Reebok.

We shall see how it plays out. You can watch on Athletics Canada TV here.

Disagree with me? Put your thoughts and predictions in the comments!

4 thoughts on “ACXC 2018 Predictions

  1. I believe Flanagan is still training in Michigan, he may be wearing Reebok shoes but is training with Sully while he finishes his degree.


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